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Professor Raoul Mortley AO was appointed in October 2002 as Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences after appointments as Vice-Chancellor at Newcastle & also at Bond University. He was appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor in 2004, and currently holds this position as well as that of Dean of the Faculty of Society and Design.

For a period he was a consultant to higher education and business, working most recently through TFG International Pty Ltd. He has worked for the Commonwealth Government, the World Bank/IFC, and has also worked in nine universities in Australia.

Professor Mortley has been Chair of the NSW Vice-Chancellor’s Committee, Chair of the Australian Education office in Washington, Chair of the AV-CC Intellectual Property & Copyright Committee, and Chair of the Professional Standards Board for Trade Marks and Patent Attorneys. He was educated at the University of Sydney, Monash University and the University of Strasbourg, & has spent substantial periods as Researcher and Director of Research in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris. He was Chair of IMT motors, a start-up company in the electrical engineering field, and is now Chair of Effusiontech Pty Ltd, a start-up company in the area of 3D printing of metals.

Professor Mortley’s scholarly work is in philosophy & the history of ideas some of which is available on epublications at Bond University. Some of his work is available on Kindle. He is presently working on the essential ideas of the West. He taught in the Collège de France as Visiting International Professor in 2000 & also was appointed Visiting Professor in the Sorbonne in 2003, lecturing in the area of Greek Philosophy. His book “Plotinus: Self & the World” appeared with Cambridge University Press in November 2013.

Doctorat ès lettres – University of Strasbourg
Doctorat du troisieme cycle – University of Strasbourg
Master of Arts – Monash University
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – University of Sydney
Honorary Doctorate of the University – The University of Newcastle
Other professional appointments
Pro Vice-Chancellor – Bond University
Professor of Historical Philosophy – Bond University


“For intellect too is part of ourselves and to it we ascend.”


Publications & Presentations

“Each thing exists more… when it belongs to itself.”



REVIEW: Timothy D. Knepper, Negating Negation. Against the Apophatic Abandonment of the Dionysian Corpus, Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, 2014. Kindle edition at Amazon Kindle Store.

Timothy Knepper has written a book on Dionysius which exhibits an extraordinarily thorough knowledge of the text and a robustly philosophical manner of exegesis: he places his analysis within a broad debate over the philosophy of religion, without however labouring this.  This book on Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite revolves around the issue of ineffability, and whether […]

REVIEW: Apophatic Elements in the Theory and Practice of Psychoanalysis: Pseudo-Dionysius and C.G. Jung, by David Henderson, Routledge 2014

This is a highly significant book which recovers a long and deep tradition in Western Thought, and ties it to a context of modern psychoanalysis. It is a voyage which takes the author from Plato to Freud, and to Jung, but via the immensely important figure of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. This last figure stands ambiguously […]

A Comment on the Cover of my Plotinus Book

  • February 18, 2014
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Plotinus refers to the luminosity of the human face, and his biographer also sees light in Plotinus’  face. It was, of course the light of intelligence, which comes from above and which pervades all reality, but especially the human mind, which transparently expresses itself through the human face. In the painting chosen for the cover, […]

UNIVERSITIES – MOOCS and the Future of the Walled Institution

PLACE Originally universities were centred on libraries, collections of manuscripts on papyrus or parchment. Of course we may point to the activities of Socrates or the Stoics who simply walked around engaging in scholarship through dialogue. But the Hellenistic age was the age of writing and documents, and thus universities required a place, for example […]

National Narcissism – Raoul Mortley Talks

Narcissism has a definition in modern psychology, but also a long history in the culture of the West. This address goes back to the deep roots of the Western understanding of narcissism, looks at the myth itself and the poem of Ovid, the commentary of Plato, and modern philosophical vestiges of the ancient western fable. […]

“Each thing exists more… when it belongs to itself.”


Book Notices

  1. Fattal, Michel,  Existence et Identité.  Logos et techne chez Plotin,  l’Harmattan, Paris 2015.
    -Three chapters on these terms, plus one on exegesis and originality in Plotinus.
  2. Hadot, Ilsetraut, Le néoplatonicien Simplicius à la lumière des recherches contemporaines.  Un bilan critique.  Academia Verlag, Sankt Augustin 2014.
    -Including two papers by Philippe Vallat, this book provides a review of contemporary scholarship on the life and works of Simplicius.


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